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We are Ten Boroughs Research, and we transform the relationship between organisations and their members and supporters, engaging and driving them to action.

Through person-to-person communication, we turn supporters into your greatest advocates.

Our methods work across sectors.  We’ve worked extensively with large membership organisations, strengthening their bond with members by:

  • Identifying the needs and motivations of members through engaging surveys, delivered through personalised telephone conversations

  • Predicting the behaviour of members, using AI to build unique profiles

  • Delivering multiple mandates in favour of action by providing field operations to persuade members

We get results.

  • After receiving a telephone call from us, members are twice as likely to complete an action, and our calls are 113% effective when compared to other campaign tactics

  • We identify the members most likely to participate, to leave, and future activists

  • We increase engagement by more than 50% amongst members when they are contacted by our field operations team

Spotlight: How data modelling increases member retention

Organisations with large memberships face a common challenge - understanding and communicating with them when members are spread across country.

We solved this by developing personas, an AI-powered methodology that groups members by their social attitudes.

We built profiles amongst a key segment of a large member organisation.  We identified the members most likely to participate, to leave, and their future activists - applying the results to the entire membership, not just those that had completed the survey.

The new personas allowed them to create bespoke campaigns that reduced the rate of members leaving, and to target messages to members to drive them to action.

Three great reasons to work with us


Accredited Living Wage employer

We're proud to pay the real living wage


Growing sustainably

As signatories to the Green Growth Pledge, we take our responsibilities to combat climate change seriously


No zero-hour contracts

We have not, and will never use zero-hours contracts

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